Home. It’s where everything that truly matters happens, from learning to ride a bike to simply watching the seasons change. It’s where we relax, families grow, and neighbours become lifelong friends. Home is where our hopes and dreams live. Tiyata Village at Pemberton makes these dreams possible.Tiyata is a village within a village: and a 22-acre Smart Growth community located a short stroll from the Village of Pemberton. Designed with green building practices in mind, it’s a neighbourhood that promotes both sustainability and livability. Living in Tiyata Village means living at the heart of a vibrant small town – just steps from the local amenities. 

Set in the spectacular Sea-to-Sky corridor, Tiyata is more than a neighbourhood: it’s an invitation to the life you want to live. With its emphasis on community art, public gathering places, and tree-lined walking paths, Tiyata Village brings people together and extends living to the great outdoors.