Tiyata Village. Making sustainable connections.

Tiyata Village is Pemberton’s first Smart Growth community. It’s a neighbourhood with a vision to a future that’s greener, cleaner and sustainable. With a location that promotes walkability and a design that incorporates eco-friendly initiatives like water-resistant landscaping and the creation of a community garden, it’s a neighbourhood for the way we want to live now.

Located an easy walk to the town, there’s no reason to take the car. Reducing dependency on cars not only reducing our carbon footprint and increases exercise, it opens opportunities to make strong community connections.

At Tiyata Village, community comes first. The 22-acre site is connected by beautiful pathways idea for walking, running and riding. Public art throughout the site increases both livability and sense of neighbourhood identity.  Tiyata Park will be a an inspiring outdoor space where young and old can gather and play.

Tiyata Village brings your values to where you live.  At Tiyata Village, you’re at home.