Tiyata Village at Pemberton is a 22-acre community with a multi-phase plan that will introduce over 200 new housing units to Pemberton.

The first 44 lots will be introduced in 3 phases:

Tiyata Village combines affordability with flexibility. Consistent with Smart Growth principles, these building lots can support homes up to 50 per cent of lot size to a maximum of 2,561 Sq Ft + a 400 Sq Ft garage. You can build your own home, or hire one of Pemberton’s fine local contractors to build it for you. The developer also intends to offer lot/home packages. You can build today or hold onto your lot for the future. Village of Pemberton Official Community Plan and Zoning bylaws include criteria to ensure homes are appropriately designed and sited and that natural materials and colours are used at every opportunity.  Landscaping is also encouraged to be water-resistant. Homes will be required to adhere to the Building Guidelines created by the Developer under the OCP and Zoning criteria. Overall, the Village of Pemberton and the developers of Tiyata encourage a “green” aspect to every build consideration, it’s better for our living space and for you.

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