Q:  What is the zoning?

A:  The MASTER PLAN zoning for Tiyata is CD-5, Comprehensive Development.  Within the plan there are six designated “sub-areas” encompassing the total twenty-two acres, with the first offered lots falling under sub-zone 2 and 4 which allows for Duplex and/or Residential Small Lot.  The developer has elected to create 65 residential lots on the first four phases and reserves the right to designate any lots as duplex exclusively for the developers use, the developer is selling single family lots otherwise.

Q:  What kind of building guidelines are there? Can I build from my own plan?

A:  Although planning to provide a turn key house/lot package program, the developer encourages purchasers to build from their own home plan. To ensure that homes are built to a certain quality, purchasers will be required to obtain approval from the designated Design Review Consultant (DRC) for their building plans, including layout, exterior design, materials proposed and landscaping.

PDF Download:  Architectural Design Guidelines

Once approved by the DRC, the process for building your home will include obtaining a building permit for approval from the building department at the Village of Pemberton.  The Village of Pemberton recently updated the Official Community Plan with specific reference to the kinds of materials and style of building permitted.

Purchasers should be aware of the general home design and landscaping guidelines that exist as part of The Village of Pemberton Official Community Plan, Section 7.0 Development Permit Guidelines, and Section 7.4.4 Development Permit 6.

For more information and PDF Downloads, visit the Building Information page.

Q:  Are there strata fees for my lot?

A:  Yes, the development is a bare land strata. This means that in a strata environment, the Strata will own the roads, civil works and the parks. The strata fee per lot is anticipated to be about $700.00 per year, this will pay for items such as insurance, snow clearing and landscaping maintenance.

Q:  When are the first offered lots anticipated to be ready for possession and when could I start building?

Q:  Prior to providing the lots to purchasers, roads, utilities and services will be brought to the lot frontage property line of each lot. Services and utilities will tie into the existing service lines located at Portage Road which borders the property along its Northern portion.

The development will have access from Portage Road.

The developer intends to complete the access road abutting the offered lots to a high standard which includes sidewalks, street lamps, landscaping and focusing on Bio-Swales for drainage.

The time required to prepare the services for the lots for sale to purchasers is approximately four months. With the weather in Pemberton during the winter prohibiting the work for a few months it is anticipated that the work would begin in May and be completed in July, providing a mid-summer possession date for your lot.

Q:  What about the dyke along Pemberton Creek?

A:  The developer has worked in cooperation with the Pemberton Valley Dyking District (PVDD) to obtain approval for the remediation of the Dyke, with the PVDD completing the site work in summer 2015.

Q:  What affect will the Dyke have on my lot?

A:  The Riparian Area Regulations (RAR) affects the development in that there is a requirement to ensure that no works take place within a designated area, the developer has planned for this in the site survey. Lots 33,34,35,36,37,38 will have a restrictive covenant placed on title to each lot to the favour of the Pemberton Valley Dyking District and for the purposes of the placement of dyking works, ongoing maintenance and a pedestrian trail topping the Dyke,

The restrictive covenant requires that no physical building or structure be place within 7.5 metres from the base of the Dyke, this area can be used effectively as the “back-yard” of the lot, but the house foot-print cannot encroach within the set-back.

The developer intends to provide RAR approval to each lot purchaser prior to taking possession.

Q:  What kind of amenities will Tiyata have?

A:  There will be several unique features to the development constructed over time, including Tiyata Park, an approximately half acre play and picnic area centred within the development, trails along the dyke and throughout the development, public art displays, a community garden, a land gift to the Village for future purposes and a child drop off/pick up staging area at the entrance to Tiyata adjacent to the Signal Hill Elementary School.

Q:  If I buy a lot, do I have to build on it within a certain time?

A:  No, there are no specific timelines for construction, you can hold onto your lot until you are ready to build your home.

Q:  I want to purchase a lot, how do I secure the one I like and how much deposit is required?

A:  The process for offering the lots for sale is governed by the Real Estate Development Marketing Act (REDMA). Provisions within REDMA state that prior to offering the lots for sale, the developer must file a Disclosure Statement with the Superintendent of Real Estate and provide a copy to you.

The developer will offer the lots for sale through Dean Linnell and The Whistler Real Estate Company Ltd. as the designated agency.