With its small-town friendliness, safe streets, excellent recreational opportunities and relaxed lifestyle, Pemberton has something to offer everyone. Young families, empty nesters and retirees have all chosen Pemberton for its natural beauty, community amenities, and the opportunity to purchase affordable housing.

It’s an environmentally and socially aware community, where bikes can often outnumber vehicles downtown and the library is among the best used in all of BC. Pemberton is about independent businesses restaurants that realize the value of locally produced food to shops that go the extra mile to provide you with the goods you need.

The Village of Pemberton is home to more than 2,500 people of the estimated 5,000 people living throughout the valley. Located 32 kilometers north of Whistler, Pemberton offers an awe-inspiring mountain landscape, a good selection of shops and service, excellent healthcare and a great public school system.

Tiyata Village will become an important part of this community, adding to the numbers of people proud to call Pemberton home.

Your home awaits at Tiyata Village.